The Monday Morning WHIP // 163

YOU! Focus (http://lifeatthebottom NULL.gif).

In the land of the creative, the idea is king.

You can be a good designer. A top notch photographer. Or a damn fine writer.

But if that’s all you are, then what you do can generally be done by someone else.

Often for less than you charge or get paid for.

Hell even clients think they can write.

And that’s why ideas are important. And having them is even more important.

Because ideas aren’t easy to come by.

Especially good ones.

And the better the ideas you have. The more in demand you’ll be.

But most importantly when you are in competition for a job, or piece of work, chances are the person with the ideas will come out on top.

So make sure that person is you.

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 06/02/2012
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