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How do you know when your time is up and you’ve learned all you can at your current job (that you started at as a junior) and it’s time to move elsewhere?

I’m in struggle town trying to make the best decision! I know it’s something that you’ll end up working out yourself, but sometimes it’s hard to know whether to persevere, or you’ll do better by making a step forward and moving up elsewhere. It seems to be a trend that people never really move out of the junior role at the job that they started at, and need to make a change to go upwards.

You already know the answer to this. It’s time.

It’s time when the learning slows, or you just feel stale, or you just generally feel a need for new challenges.

The second job can be the most daunting in your career. You don’t know what’s “normal”, as opposed to what’s peculiar to the only real place you have worked. And where do you begin? How do you start?

The first place to start is your bio/cv. List your responsibilities and achievements. It forces you to look at yourself pretty positively and I can almost gurantee you will smile to yourself “I rock” when you’re done.

Then start updating your work and pulling together the things that you’re proud of, the things that best show off your skills, maybe even some things that won awards.

Often just the process of pulling your work life together helps you begin to formulate where you would like to go next, or what you should be doing.

Needless to say you are updating your Linked In and portfolio. Then you are ready to start taking a few small steps to test the water.

Good luck!

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Originally posted on: 28/06/2012
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