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Hi Esther. I graduated a few years back, and since then haven’t had any luck finding even an internship in Advertising. A lot of my former classmates have found something, but not me.

I am a bit older than most of the other graduates, and feel like maybe the industry has an unspoken used-by-date for graduates. What do you think?

My portfolio, etc. is all in order, but I’m at a bit of a loss. What should I do next?

When you say your portfolio is “in order” I worry. If it hasn’t gotten you a job, maybe it needs a revamp. A portfolio is enigmatic, unique and never finished, so therefore it can always be improved. Have you had solid feedback and listened to it? Could your work be refreshed or updated? You cannot be showing the same work the same way for “a few years” if it’s not working. You must listen to what people are saying about the content or the way you are presenting to adapt and renew your portfolio. Does your bio and cv best represent you? Have you updated/adapted/refreshed? I wonder if you are holding onto something that simply isn’t working.

I have known quite a few older juniors in this industry. It’s certainly not easy getting a job, but age has its advantages. I am in the dark here but I think you need to re-imagine your presentation and adapt it to be fresh and current and play to your strengths.

Good luck!

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Originally posted on: 26/07/2012
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