The Monday Morning WHIP // 191

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Our man Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot is back from holidays and ready to whip.

When you’re at college and you have a guest lecturer be sure and ask them for a business card.

If you’re showing your work to senior people don’t leave the meeting without a business card.

And if you manage to get some work experience, an internship or a placement, collect as many business cards as you can while you are there.

These cards are the beginning of your professional network.

You may not need them all. Many of them may indeed be useless.

But if you build a collection of cards then you will also build a list of mobile phone numbers and email addresses.

What you do with this info is entirely up to you, but chances are one of those people knows someone who knows someone who may be needing help from someone like you.

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Originally posted on: 08/10/2012
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