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Dearest Esther,

I am a junior graphic designer just coming up to my 1 year anniversary in my first real agency junior role. (Hooray!)

But I just can’t shake that feeling that I will never be good enough to progress. I studied at Uni in Melbourne, where my classmates were terribly talented, but I was always somewhere down the lower end of the talent spectrum. I fear I’m a mediocre designer who wont ever reach the same skill levels that my contemporaries are already achieving.

I love my job, it’s an incredible learning opportunity, but I lack the self confidence to take it to the next step. It holds me back from exploring and showing my ideas or voicing my opinion. Help! Should I acknowledge that I’ll never be more than a mediocre designer and move on, or is it just my lack of experience that’s getting me down.

Yours sincerely,
Witty name.

Dear Witty Name:

As they say in golf, you need to play the golf course, not the other guys in the field.

It’s more about building up your confidence than it is about measuring your talent against others.

You had the talent to get this job in the first place. On that first day, you were on an equal footing with everyone around you. Stop looking at them now and look to the best in yourself to guide you. That’s where the truly unique things are, that will make your work all your own.

Study yourself and all the things your senses take in. Remember that you’re not in competition with your peers from Uni. There are many facets and skills that contribute to a successful career.

You are only one year in and you are bound to get more sure of yourself and ready to voice your opinions in meetings. In the meantime, watch, listen and learn. You are carving out your own niche and developing better strategic, interpersonal, technical and business skills, which are just as important.

So celebrate your first year and maybe organise a performance review with your boss to establish some goals to grow towards next year.

Good luck

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Originally posted on: 29/11/2012
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