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Hello Esther,

I am really interested in becoming a creative planner when I finish my undergrad degree so I was thinking of working on putting together a portfolio to showcase my planning work. However, I haven’t done any work before, at least not any I would want to include in a folio. as I have not worked on any briefs before I am not sure how I would go about doing this. Are there any websites or books you could recommend for this endeavour?

Dear Starter-Outer Planner

The idea of your having a portfolio/website is a good one but probably a little premature to be trying to fill it with case studies when you are lacking in actual experience.

You need to get your break in planning based on a combination of your education, skills, personality, enthusiasm, fit and potential.

Is there another form of content you could create or curate that best demonstrates the way you think? Some graduates these days are making films for their cvs and applications. I’m not saying you need tricks, you don’t. But there are non-traditional ways you can gain attention if you have a good, authentic idea to help you stand out from your peers.

Alternately, keep it simple. Put together a bio that tells people more about who you are. If you’re a good writer, this will be very helpful! Use your Linked in profile (up to date and sharp) to connect with planning groups and recruiters.

Find the planners who are on Twitter, and follow them. Search through planners’ profiles on LinkedIn and check out where they work and what they have done. They will also often provide links to books, events or ideas, even their own websites. Join the APG for $99 and get involved in the community. You might also consider applying for the, AWARD School or Adschool. And yes read books. For starters anything by Jon Steel.

Good luck!

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