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I’ve been reading a fascinating book these last few days about the music scene in New York in the early 1970’s.

The city itself was in a state of decay back then and pretty close to being bankrupt.

This resulted in a lot of empty buildings, which were eventually occupied by artists and musicians, giving rise to what is these days known as the Loft Scene.

Believe it or not gigs and galleries were few and far between in New York in the early seventies. So creative people started using their lofts for art shows and concerts.

Composers Steve Reich and Phillip Glass were just a couple of aspiring nobodies back then. To help fund their music, and enable them to perform, they used their creativity and set up a great source of income – Chelsea Light Moving.

Sounds like a great name for a band, doesn’t it?

But Chelsea Light Moving wasn’t a band. It was a removal company.

And even though it’s hard to imagine these two giants of modern American music lugging furniture in a moving van, that’s exactly what they did.

It was what they had to do to support themselves whilst struggling for a break in the music industry.

Now I’m not recommending you go and hire a van and start helping people move, but if you’ve yet to crack the creative job you want, then you need to do something to support yourself until you do.

It can take months, possibly even years, to get your first break as a creative.

So if you can support yourself during this struggle there’s much less chance of you giving up and going off to get a real job.

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Originally posted on: 21/01/2013
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