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Hi Esther,

I am an American citizen looking for a job as a copywriter in NY. Over the last couple of years I have worked on global brands in India, and am now ready to move back to the US. I did my college in London and have also worked in Berlin.

How do you think I should go about applying? I think I have a decent book so far. Please advise. Thanks.

Dear Keen Copywriter,

I am not sure whether this applies in your case, but in my experience those who tell me their book is fine are usually the ones who need to do more work on it.

Your book can always be improved.

The New York market is highly competitive but your global brand and international experience should stand you in good stead.

Be prepared to adapt to whatever the current market dictates. Hopefully you have gained some experience across a few traditional and digital platforms and can morph your book into the opportunities that present themselves.

Ensure also that you have an up to date social media profile (Linked In etc) and a few glowing references.

You should get in front of creative recruiters on the ground in New York as well as the agency in-house recruiters. Don’t bombard all simultaneously with a forme email. Do a little research and customise a letter to each potential gate-keeper. The inroads you make initially will be kept on file and remembered down the track so have a personalised, targetted campaign that is polite and enthusiastic.

Also, highlight the fact that you are an American citizen and you don’t require a visa to work.

Good luck

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