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I didn’t get into Award school with what I thought was as good an application as those that were accepted (in fact, both of the ad concepts on a successful application were very similar to mine). I am crushed and am not sure where to go from here? What do you think of Ad School – is it just another money generator offered to the ‘unsuccessful’ applicants?

Wannabe Junior

Dear Wannabe Junior,

Adam Goodes was pick 43 in the AFL draft and he has won two Brownlows and two Premiership medals. Did the selectors get it wrong? Or did he improve his game from journeyman to elite? Perhaps it was a combination of both.

How much do you really want it? How hard are you prepared to try? At the end of the day I don’t care what courses you have done. Sure, I might notice that you have gotten into a selective course or topped an industry program. But I don’t rely on other people’s opinions to tell me whether you’re talented.

If you can show the determination, resilience and originality to get past one knockback, I am more interested in you than I am in someone who sailed through all the courses and projects a beige, safe portfolio.

Having your work judged is a part of everyday life as a creative person. Sometimes they get it wrong. That’s why you have to get up off the mat and try again.

Maybe on the day the judges were looking for something else in the submission.

Ad School and many other studies are fine but it depends what you want.

Either you will prove one day that they got it wrong or you will find another calling that proves they got it right.

Forget about how similar the other responses were. Just get on with it. If you believe in yourself, you can find other ways to pull a book together without AWARD School. Scroll through some early Ask Esthers for some tips.

Good Luck!

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