The Monday Morning WHIP // 210


Sometimes a little bit of random leads to great things.

One of the best quotes to come out of the recent South By South West festival is this:

Be more random.

When I first saw it on Twitter it made me smile. Not because it’s clever or funny, but because it’s true.

It’s a while ago since I taught the RMIT kids behind Junior, but one of the keys things I hope that they learnt from their time with me, was the importance of random.


Spend the next bit of spare time you have searching on Google for Kessels Kramer, Dancing Pony or Old Spice.

That, my young friends, is what I mean when I say random.

Putting things together that don’t belong together. Making juxtapositions. Doing the exact opposite of what’s expected of you.

The more random you inject into your work the better it will be.

Don’t be random for random sake. That’s just lazy.

But a large (and regular) dose of random is guaranteed to do you and your work some good.

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 25/03/2013
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