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WHIP 216

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I was listening to sports radio yesterday morning and they were talking about young players who had failed to make it at their first club, but went on to achieve great things at their second club.

What these players all had in common, was that the clubs that picked them up after they were traded by their original club assigned senior players to mentor them.

In addition these clubs also had one or two junior coaches on their staff. These people were new to coaching as they had only recently stopped playing.

These junior coaches were also assigned to mentor the young players.

So a young player who had struggled to adapt to the rigours and demands of top flight football was taken under the wing of two people much older than him but much younger than the team coach.

With their support, guidance and encouragement the players came out of their shell and blossomed.

The same applies to young creatives.

Many people get their first job and don’t see out their probationary period. Not because they’re no good at their job, but because they don’t know how to do their job. Plus they’re afraid to ask for help.

So if you’re in you’re first job follow the lead of those young footballers and find yourself a senior person to mentor you.

Believe me when I say you’ll thank me one day.

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Originally posted on: 13/05/2013
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