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If you’re bored this Monday Morning and need a bit of inspiration, why not only read this WHIP, but all the others (http://lifeatthebottom It’s bound to get you into gear super quick.

Spend some time searching the Monday Whip archive and you’re sure to come across me talking passionately about building a folio of ideas ‘n stuff rather than a book of ads.

This logic holds true for all types of creative work not just advertising.

The idea being that your folio represents you and the way that you think, rather than simply being a collection of work.

This week I came across a blog post by a senior team at a London agency who were responsible for the intake of students on placement.

Here’s what they had to say:

“Try not to bring us a book of just ads.
We like to see other stuff too.
Bring us tapestries if you’re into tapestries.
Angry letters to flatmates and noisy neighbours are always fun to read.
Even funny text messages.
Whatever floats your boat.
Whatever you’re passionate about.
It matters.”

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 20/05/2013
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