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Hi Esther,

Just a quick one – I’ve been participating in AWARD school and now that it’s getting down to crunch time the all important decision of labeling yourself is more pressing than ever.

While for some the answer is obvious, for me it’s a bit of a toughie. I’ve got skills in both fields and have regularly switched between choosing one or the other at various stages throughout the course. I do think, though, that ultimately art direction would be more suited to me, but my skill level right now is probably not at a good enough standard when compared to those that may have had a graphics design background or something similar. On the other hand, my background would suggest copywriting is a strong suit.

How do you go about finding a job if you’re in this inbetween hybrid stage?

Would it be more beneficial to find a partner first and then apply as a duo?

Thanks Esther,

Indecisive Hybrid

Dear Indecisive Hybrid,

really good creatives tend to be able to do a bit of both :) But you’re competing with Art Directors with a lot better skills than yours right now. It would be more practical for you to pursue copywriting, at least for starters. It’s also a good idea to team up post AWARD School. Find a partner; one whose talents balance yours and who shares the same ambitions. Re-do your book together. New briefs, new start. Working with someone in a team will help hone your writer skills and your individual contributions will probably overlap, as long as you’re both comfortable to share. Without the structure of the School’s briefs and deadlines, the team can motivate each other and keep up with the new work and job search momentum.

Good luck

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