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Hi Esther,

I am in my final year studying a BA of media and through nearing the end of my course have found a great interest in graphic design. I do not have the in-depth skills of a graduating designer but I would say I know my way around the Adobe suite.

How today would you best suggest my approach to finding work?
Are internships the way to go? or a post-grad in graphic a better option?

And is the graphic design industry one I should jump into if i want success.
I have heard all of the ‘horror’ stories of wanna be graphic designers becoming hairdressers and living off baked beans, is this what I am realistically letting myself in for?

Thank you,
from a BA curious- creative

Dear BA curious,

The course you are about to complete will definitely go a long way towards helping you pursue graphic design as an option. But it’s not quite enough. You’d definitely need to round out your practical design skills to build a portfolio which would compete with those “pure” design graduates.

A post graduate course in design to achieve better skills would be strongly recommended if this is the path you want to pursue. But it is tough. It is a highly competitive field dotted by many small companies and very few large companies. Many small design companies struggle to pay well.

Designers learn a range of disciplines before they (usually) settle on a focus. There’s corporate, web, packaging, publishing and retail for starters.

Look into the available courses, and also perhaps look into getting into a design focussed company on the account management side instead. You will be able to earn while you learn about design application. And the experience you gain will be useful towards pretty much any direction you pursue from there.

Good luck

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