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Hi Esther,

I am a junior copywriter and I have been in my agency (which is fairly reputable) for about a year and 3 months. It is also my first full time gig at any agency.

Work we do here is alright, though we have not done anything particular spectacular in the past year. Colleagues are nice, boss is accessible and friendly, and there is a good vibe going.

Recently though, I was approached by an ECD of a another advertising company (which is similarly well known) and offered a position. However, I felt that I was not ready to take the plunge and turned him down.

That got me thinking, when should I move on to my next gig?

Should it be when I have achieved a few awards? Maybe after a set period of time? Or when I feel I need more pay? Is there some sort of rule on when to move on?

Thanks in advance

Wondering Writer

Dear Wondering Writer,

You are ready when you have stopped learning, or you feel that you are being underused or undervalued.

If you still have things that you hope to accomplish where you are, and your agency is supportive of your reaching those goals, then you’re probably not ready to leave.

You have invested in the agency and they in you. Don’t underestimate that good vibe either. Not every place you work will have one.

So, while two or three years would be the norm for a first job, no one will judge you at your level if you leave sooner or for more money.

It’s part of the learning.

Always trust your instincts.

Good luck.

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Originally posted on: 31/10/2013
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