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Dear Esther

I will be completing my grad cert in photomedia very soon. I’m currently working in the health industry, and is keen to try something more creative (advertising seems like an interesting choice). However, I’m not sure how to merge the two industries together and create a new direction for my career. Is AWARD school a must? And the idea of working as an intern or junior is not very practical at this stage of my life. It would be great to hear your opinion and advice.

Thanks Esther

Dear Jay Jay

Apply for jobs in healthcare agencies. They are highly specialised and will value your experience in the industry. Work out exactly what job you would be looking for. Account Service, Creative or Production. Photomedia combined with your background could really be applicable to any of them. But you should have a direction to pursue, otherwise you might well only be offered internships.

Good luck

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Originally posted on: 27/02/2014
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