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I am a fresh Jr. Copywriter working at a large agency in NYC. I graduated in May, and my internship here turned into a job, which I am extremely grateful for. However, I am not happy in New York. I want to get back to Los Angeles (I interned there last year and have some good connects there) but I don’t want to jump ship too early.

Also, I know I’m a junior but I feel like I’m very underworked. I thought I’d be slaving away and helping out on some exciting stuff from time to time, but I’m just droning away on a few small projects while everyone else does new biz pitches and other big projects.

June 2014 will mark a year at the agency. I would like to venture back to L.A. at that time, so I will start looking for jobs after the new year.

“Tiny” complication – my best friend is planning on going to Ireland for almost a month over the summer, and I want to go with him. I’ve never left the country, and I know I’ll regret it forever if I miss out. Do you think doing this will hurt my career in the long run? Or could I try to negotiate a start date after the trip, since I do have to move back home then head out to L.A.

Thanks for any help!
-a wandering writer

Dear Wandering Writer,

First of all, go to Ireland. You will regret if you don’t. It’s just your first job in the business and it will neither make or break you. But you will have earned your wings and you can always “embellish” your book a little bit with proactive work on the clients at your current agency.

Interning and cracking a job in New York and thaving travelled overseas (especially if you’ve never been) will broaden your outlook and set you apart from most junior copywriters back at home.

Agencies don’t generally hire junior staff 4-6 months in advance, so I would suggest concentrate on getting as much out of the job you are in while you are in it. Save up your money, go and enjoy yourself for a month in Ireland. Come home to the West Coast and get another job. You will be broke and highly motivated.

Good luck

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