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Hello Esther,
I’ve just recently graduated with a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design, and a minor in Advertising. Looking for a job is rather difficult since both fields are extremely competitive. I do have a couple of “dream jobs” in mind but they aren’t hiring at the moment. I was wondering would it be okay to call and speak with the creative director at the company or even sending a message via email?

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Job Dreamer

Dear Job Dreamer,

Very few of us land a “dream job” first up and maybe that’s a good thing. You might be more ready to handle the pressure of its living up to your expectations if you have already had some experience before you get to your dream job.

By all means get in touch with the Creative Director. Tell him or her you are hoping for some advice, not a job. It’s very common for companies to have a generic “we are not hiring” response when you contact them asking for a job.

Write the Creative Director an email. Make it short and compelling enough to elicit an answer. But there’s a chance they simply might not have the time to reply and your email may arrive on a busy day where it sinks to the bottom of the inbox, unnoticed. You can try again, very politely. But if you don’t hear back after two attempts, I would seek out someone lower down in the creative department and write to or call them and ask them if you can come in for a meeting to get some advice on the industry.

Look up via Linked In to see who else might be a good contact. They might even have an in-house recruiter. You will need to stand out and be persistent and polite. Meetings are harder to get than ever these days.

Many companies make decisions based on websites and LI profiles.

It’s frustrating because without a face to face meeting, you are being judged only on what you have done, and not what you are capable of. And that’s extra frustrating when you are starting out.

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