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A wet weekend in Melbourne, so I decided to get stuck in to the continually growing pile of books on my bedside table.

First up was Dave Trott’s Predatory Thinking. (http://www

It’s essentially a collection of the fables and tales from his blog. Which means it’s filled with great, easy to read stories, that are rich in allegory.

One of the pieces of wisdom that stayed with me, was to kill off any ideas you have had that are liked by everyone.

Sounds bizarre, doesn’t it?

But Trott reckons that if everyone likes an idea then that idea must be too safe.

I don’t know if he’s right. But he’s definitely onto something.

In fact it reminded me of the system that was introduced at George Patts many years ago – Scary Good.

This was a grading system the agency used to judge work.

If an idea was liked or loved it was put aside until the creatives came up with an idea that made people nervous.

Not in a bad way.

In a “I’m not exactly sure about that” kind of way.

So next time you are reviewing your own work, ask yourself if it’s scary good.

And if it isn’t…

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