The Monday Morning WHIP // 245

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If you’re a creative wannabe or young up and comer and someone offers you a chance to do some work what would you do?

I know what I’d do. But what would you do?

Would use how busy you are in your part-time job as an excuse not to do the work?

Would you complain about how difficult it is for you to find the time to do the work?

Would you turn down the work and ask for the chance to work on the next opportunity that comes along.

Or would you say yes, but actually mean no. Then apologise in the hope that your lack of desire will not be held against you?

Well let me tell you my young friends, that if you are the sort of person who would even contemplate doing any of the above, then you are most definitely not destined for a career as a creative.

Because hunger, desire, passion and the desperation to do what it takes are the key to success.

Sure talent is important. As are creativity and ideas.

But if you ain’t prepared to hustle then you may as well give up now. Sorry.

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 07/07/2014
Category: WHIP
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