The Interview Series // 50

Coming up with the ideas is only one part of what we do. Selling, presenting and most importantly - winning business is the other. But that's the shit they just don't teach you in class. So we decided it was time we learnt a thing or two about it and chatted to Andrew Foote - founding partner and creative director at AJF Partnership. He knows a thing or two about hand shakers - he started AJF from scratch with two other lads (who, weirdly enough, all have the same initials) almost 7 years ... Read More! »

Junior Event // 05

It's coming up again kids! In a week and two days we'll be hosting another crazy night of drinking and merry-making, Junior-style. Last month's was our biggest yet, with Creative Director of Melbourne Ad Agency AJF Partnership, Josh Stephens, doing his best powerpoint impressions on the Junior TV. We'll be having another guest speaker this May 13th down at the old watering-hole we call Sweatshop. Others call it that too, so don't worry, you won't get lost asking for directions. See you ... Read More! »