The Monday Morning WHIP // 34

If you're like us your parents don't care what you do as long as you get a job that pays well. It's a common problem. You get all insecure about your career and end up taking any old job because you're scared you won't be able to support yourself and save for a house in the suburbs. What you gotta know is that those Baby Boomer oldies don't understand you. We do. We are your real parents - Listen to us... Actually, don't listen to us, we're just a couple of dudes pretending we know ... Read More! »

Portfolio Night 7 Melbourne

Hey guess what? We’ve teamed up with our friends Badjar Ogilvy and to present Portfolio Night 7 Melbourne this THURSDAY JUNE 11. For those of you who are out of the loop, basically it’s a chance for anyone with an advertising folio to come along, meet with a bunch of Melbourne's best Creative Directors, get some feedback, ‘network’, drink beer and meet nice people. It’s NOT scary at all. It’s actually really fun and could land you a job. And even if you've ... Read More! »