The Interview Series // 40

Would you believe R/GA, digital agency of the decade, started in the late seventies as a production company? Founded by two brothers -- they created the first integrated computer-assisted production process (oh Wikipedia, you make us sound so clever)! Translation: they revolutionised motion graphics and special effects. Heck! They did the opening titles for the original Superman and have Oscars on their wall. Flash-forward twenty-something years and they've shaken up the fundamentals of the ... Read More! »

Junior Event // 22

We're all digital kids. If you aren't, you must be living in the depths of the ocean stuck under the shipwreck of the Titanic. Eaon Pritchard, the Head of Digital Innovation at Clemenger BBDO knows all about the whiz-bang-shebangabang's, he even hashtagged his ten tips. ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 83

You might think Stan bangs on an awful lot about folios. Take it from us, he knows a thing or two. And after sifting through the work of some of the industry's best thinkers all weekend, we think he's got enough reason to tell us what's what when it comes to that pretty little book that might just get you a job. Last weekend I judged the Direct Marketing section for the MADC Awards. I have judged direct work a couple of times before, but this time was very different. Sure there were the ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 62

So you've started adding digital work to your folio, but dammit, there's only so many iPhone apps and 'find the product' maze games you can come up with. Don't worry, we're all still figuring out this thing too. Stan suggests you start thinking about the possibilities beyond the obvious. Got any digital work in your folio? Of course you do, it’s 2010. But before you take a moment to pat yourself on the back for having a banner or two in your book, consider this: Digital work dates fast. ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 48

There once was a particular member of the Junior team living in the global metropolis of New York City. He waltzed from agency to agency with a book under his arm, from Lexington Ave to Greenwich Village and everywhere in-between. His folio was passable and filled with wit, but really he hoped his charm and good looks would be the true deal-breaker. Meeting after meeting was quick and productive, but there was something missing. "You need more digital," they would say, and of course he ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 33

I don't care what your mum says, you won't get a job with print ads alone. They're over. Forget about them. Bury them in your backyard next to your dead rabbit named Ginger. You don't make friends with print ads. (Note: Science and print ads are proven to make you LAME.) But if you're smart, you'll make some friends who know Flash, and they'll make your digital wet-dreams come true. Given you’re reading this on a website I have to presume that you’re familiar with the internet. Most ... Read More! »