The Interview Series // 13

Publishing. It's a world many young creatives yearn to enter. Magazines offer all the tantalising perks of being young - photography, writing, culture, ideas... They also get made in amazing warehouse style offices with attractive ladies at reception and all the blow you could ever want. Well, at least that's what we're lead to believe - or want to believe. We wanted to know more about this industry and the successful people who make it work. That's why we're super dooper excited to ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 05

Cut and paste. It used to mean scissors and clag, now it means ctrl+x and ctrl+v. Be that good or bad, it's still an art form. And for some, it's also a career. Jack Hutchings is one of Australia's top cut and pasters. He's a film editor with an eye for storytelling and now runs his own editing studio, The Butchery. Now we love having a yarn now an then, but Junior has really upped the stakes. Jack invited us over to his studio for gourmet North Melbourne pizza and a row of beers. Yes, ... Read More! »