The Monday Morning WHIP // 54

Most advice we juniors receive these days is so predictable. It's always the same old cliches spoken by the same old people who have nothing better to tell us than, 'Be your best', 'Believe in yourself', 'Think big', or, 'Never give up' -- Goodness me! That guff helps no one. Lucky for you Stan doesn't think that way. His advice is always practical. 'Make phonecalls', 'Have realistic expectations', 'Don't expect lots of money', and now some advice you'll likely need -- 'Take the job'. A ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 42

How lame is the internet? Yeah, totes lameski, we know. It makes us lazy. So lazy in fact that we don't go to libraries anymore. Googler and Wikipediac are the modern resources of choice. To stand out these days, we gotta get old fashioned. So this week, Stan reminds us of the best old fashioned advice: Make phone calls. As a junior the best way to get your folio in front of potential employers is to ring up and make a time to go and see them. This isn’t always easy to do. In fact it can ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 24

Hey kids, don't forget that Stan is a Creative Director in Melbourne. He's not just some guy reeling off random facts hoping they'll stick. When he suggests you do something, it's a pretty good idea to follow his advice. And this week he couldn't be more specific... As I’m sure you can imagine, lots of aspiring creative types in Melbourne come to see me with their folios. Yet very few of them ask me if I have a brief they can work on. Which makes me think that they’re not making ... Read More! »