The Monday Morning WHIP // 58

What's your excuse for not visiting every Creative Director, Senior Creative, Group Publisher, Studio Manager, Design Director and Big Wig With Advice to Give that you can guess the email of? It better be good, because if it's not, you'll meet someone like Stan in the real world--and they might not be this helpful. Once upon a time a kid rang me to ask if I’d take a look at his folio. When I asked him what sort of folio it was he ummed and awed before replying that he wasn’t ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 57

Hey everybody! We've got ourselves organised for 2010. This year is gonna be great! Stan's back with more weekly whip's, we'll be posting a new interview every week, and we've got a handful of new columns to surface over the next month. But enough of that hoo-hah--listen to Stan! Get to work! Do stuff! I thought I’d kick start the year with a little tale about how getting off your arse and simply creating stuff on a regular basis can help get you a foot in the door of whatever creative ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 44

Is this job cool enough? Will I be proud when I tell others its name? Are the people who work here good teachers or idiots? Is the boy/girl at reception handsome/cute? Will I get to work on the good stuff or will I just make coffee? Will I meet famous people? Will I be at work until 12am? Is there a good cafe nearby? Will this help me to get a better job later on? Will this job ruin my career? Am I getting underpaid? Is it open plan or a cubicle cave? Can we have beers in the office on a ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 43

Ever been to see a Creative Director with a book full your precious scribbles only to have him say that your idea won a gold lion at Cannes the previous year?... Yeah. We've all been there. Don't worry one day when you get a job you can steal all the agency's award annuals. Problem solved. But in the mean time, Stan's got some advice to get you through. The ever uncheerful German philosopher Goethe once said that, “Everything has been thought of before. The problem is to think of it ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 42

How lame is the internet? Yeah, totes lameski, we know. It makes us lazy. So lazy in fact that we don't go to libraries anymore. Googler and Wikipediac are the modern resources of choice. To stand out these days, we gotta get old fashioned. So this week, Stan reminds us of the best old fashioned advice: Make phone calls. As a junior the best way to get your folio in front of potential employers is to ring up and make a time to go and see them. This isn’t always easy to do. In fact it can ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 38

Do you know what a good idea is? We hope so, for your own sake. Our good idea was asking Stan to write these Monday Morning Whips. Lucky for you we did. Otherwise you would have missed this week's - where Stan tells us what goes into building the perfect folio. How many pieces of work should you have in your portfolio? This is a question that has most kids perplexed. When I am asked this question, which I often am, my answer is always the same: As many as you want. As long as they are all ... Read More! »