Junior Event // Art & Copy

It feels great when people show up to the things you put on. We didn't really ask anyone to come to our inaugural Junior Film Festival last Monday night; we never pleaded or begged or employed henchmen to break knees. Normal, everyday folk, much like you, just started buying tickets until it was sold-out -- which probably had more to do with the fact we were screening the seminal documentary, Art & Copy, than anything remotely associated to us personally. You know, cause just like any ... Read More! »

Junior Film Festival // Art & Copy

Listen up! We're having our very own Junior Film Festival. Sounds kinda neat doesn't it? But as you would expect from us, there's a twist. There's only one film. And it's only one night. We just called it a festival to get your attention. Ha! There. Now we have it. Let's continue! The film is called Art & Copy -- an incredible documentary that profiles several living icons of the U.S advertising industry since the '60s. People like George Lois, Dan Weiden and Lee ... Read More! »