The Interview Series // 41

Are you a Weights and Measures Inspector or something just as mundane? Do you dream of chucking it all in and becoming a creative? Well, meet your new inspiration, Peter Cortez. Our boy Pete may have started his advertising career late, but he's sure made up for lost time. Since going back to study at Miami Ad School at age thirty, he's made some ads, worked with big brands, developed and launched two iPhone apps of his own and even started a New York lunch club. Oh, did we mention he helped ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 23 (Part One)

"Have you ever played the Legend of Zelda? That’s what getting a job in advertising is like." This, my precocious and talented friends, is exactly the sort of nerdy but insightful advice you're likely to get from Daniel Bremmer, especially after two shots of Absinthe, three cocktails and a round of Coopers. We met to conduct this interview on a beautiful summer's evening in a quaint Brooklyn establishment, and sat talking shit for hours. We talked about highschool, the New York ad industry, ... Read More! »