The Monday Morning WHIP // 238

It's graduation time, and there's sure is a bunch of you kids graduating! Make sure you take Stan's sage advice below. I’m pleased to report that a handful of the talented young people I met at a graduation show a few weeks ago have already gotten jobs. Of course most of those students showcasing their talent that night haven’t been so lucky. This has nothing to do with lack of talent and everything to do with being in the right place at the right time. So if you’re a ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 237

Last week I shared a photo on Twitter of a pile of paper used to generate ideas by a pair of interns at an agency in London. The pile was massive and it was clear evidence of six weeks of commitment and hard work. Whether those two kids have talent I do not know. But what I do know is they had passion. And commitment. Two qualities that are essential to success. Sure talent is important. You won’t get anywhere without it. But don’t be thinking that talent is more ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 236

If you’re one of the many recently qualified young hopefuls entering the job hunt I have a piece of advice for you. Your folio needs to communicate quickly. This is not so easy to do when you have lots of clever digital and direct marketing ideas that need explaining. But you need to find a way. The people who look at your work are busy. Very busy. So you need to make the most of the time they give you. And the best way to do this is to have a folio of ideas that are easy ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 235

When I was younger I used to work with an old bloke who used to always end a briefing with the expression ‘do your best’. This always made me smile. So one day I asked him why he said it. “Because it's the best you can do,” he said. I often find myself handing down this little gem to young creative people I work with. Do your best. Because it’s the best you can do. School teachers often write in school reports than so and so could do better. But can they? Yes ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 234

A lot of talented young people have entered the job search with gusto these last few weeks. So today I’m going to give you a small piece of advice on how to make the most of an internship or placement opportunity. Listen. Listen. Listen. In all the excitement to show of their creativity and get themselves noticed in an agency, a lot of young people just don’t listen enough. Trust me kids – it’s imperative that you listen. Listen to the suits. Listen to what ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 233

I saw a lot of folios last week belonging to students who are about to graduate. Every single folio contained an idea that I wished I’d thought of. All but one of the folios was on an iPad. The other one was on a laptop. These were thoroughly modern folios. I saw all sorts of ideas. Many of them would not have been possible ten years ago. So what does the future hold for these kids? Well I’d like to hope they all get jobs as creatives and become successful. But ... Read More! »